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To Leave It To Me Accounting Services. My name is Chris McKinnon and I am a qualified accountant, obtaining membership at the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants (NZICA), a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and a CAIPO Registered Agent.

I have been involved in the field of accounting & finance for twenty-five years. This involvement has consisted of senior financial positions within the commercial sector, a practicing public accountant, a lecturer at university level, and the owner of three small businesses.

My journey has involved working in my home country of New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Antigua, where I lived for eight years. I have now settled in Barbados, the home country of my wife since 2018.

Leave It To Me has been in operation now for two years and in that time, twenty businesses have decided to Leave It To Me for their accounting needs.

Guiding principles...

There are three of these which guide me at all times...


Confidentiality a guiding principle? It should be a given that your financial information is received and maintained within a secure environment, correct? Trust me, with QuickBooks Online and their secure cloud storage platform it will be.


Reliability extends beyond ensuring your financial statements, payroll and tax returns are completed accurately and on time.


My focus is on you, my client. I have owned three small businesses so my personal experience allows me to understand the joys, stresses, satisfaction and frustrations involved, and how personal these are to you.

Four Simple Steps

Is all it takes


The first step is where you interview me to ascertain whether Leave It To Me will be the right fit for you and your business. I will provide you with some information about my background, the philosophy of Leave It To Me, how the process will work and what you can expect.

Your Needs Assessment

Having decided to go ahead with Leave It To Me, I will then complete my Client Needs Assessment form which helps me ascertain your specific needs and determine the best QuickBooks Online solution for you.

The Handshake

Upon signing, the next step involves providing Leave It To Me authorisation to access your QuickBooks Online account.

The Work

The final step is where I get to work on ensuring all the deliverables we have discussed are fulfilled.


Start Up & Advisory

Business Start Up involves meeting with you to get an understanding of your specific needs. Here I am focusing on the workflows that you intend to adopt, or currently have in place. From here I will be able to design a best practice workflow and use this to determine the best QuickBooks Online solution for you, advise you of it's capabilities and the implementation process. It is at this stage where I will also register you and your business on TAMIS.

Data Entry

Garbage in, garbage out, we know this expression. Like most things in accounting, time spent in preparation leads to the most useful and beneficial outcomes. To eliminate the "garbage out" problem I will consult with you to determine which accounts you see as providing the most insight into the performance of your business then design your chart of accounts accordingly.

Cashflow Forecasting

The ability of your business to generate sales and to convert credit sales into liquid cash will be critical to the success of your business, especially during the first couple of months and years. Your business maybe generating excellent sales but if they are sitting in your accounts receivable then operating is going to be very difficult.

Financial Reports

A meaningful chart of accounts for your business will by extension provide you with an array of meaningful financial reports, which can be customized to focus on what is important to you at the time.

Tax Services

Our taxation service extends beyond compliance requirements. I firmly believe that as a client you should not pay more than your fair share. Therefore, time and attention will be spent on setting up the most tax effective structure for you and your business.

Payroll Services

As a small business owner, the responsibility of payroll calculation and preparation will most likely fall in your lap. There is a lot of time spent producing payroll information and having an in house payroll service can be quite expensive.

Apart fom the above sevices we offer, all our clients are provided with:

  • Costs savings - no cause to worry about office space, equipment & supplies. You only pay for what you need...a comprehensive, professional bookeeping service.
  • Fixed billing - my prices are fixed, mutually agreed upon at engagement. Know exactly where you stand with no surprises.
  • Specailized skillset - with 25+ years of accounting experience, you're covered.
  • Scalability - as you grow, I simply change gears.
  • Availability - online is where I'm based so I am able to maintain a high-touch approach from afar.
  • Latest software - A QuickBooks ProAdvisor, I have access to the latest updates in QuickBooks meaning you will too.


Choose one of oue predefined packaged or contact us for cutom solution.

Small Business

$350 - $700/mo

  • - monthly bookkeeping service
  • - no inventory
  • - employees < 5
  • - includes free consultation
  • - does not include QuickBooks subscription
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Medium Business

$800 - $1,250/mo

  • - monthly bookkeeping service
  • - with inventory
  • - employees 5 - 10
  • - includes free consultation
  • - does not include QuickBooks subscription
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System Cleanse

Individual pricing

  • - system cleanse
  • - includes 3 follow up visits
  • ------
  • - includes free consultation
  • - does not include QuickBooks subscription
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